Waterfox Development

Address to certain issues

Posted by Alex on Monday, October 15, 2012 10:15:39 PM BST +0100

I'm here to address certain issues people have. Since the systems I can test Waterfox on are limited, sometimes problems seep through but there are nothing that can't be handled:


  • Automatic updates: Some users experience an issue where the updater automatically checks for updates and displays a message. This can be configured by going to the Windows Task Scheduler and modifying the updater setting.
  • Adblock Plus: When upgrading Adblock Plus disables itself. To re-enable it, go to Add-Ons>Disable>Enable and then refresh the page you're on.
  • Waterfox icon: Some users can't get the Waterfox icon on their taskbar. To do so, run waterfox.exe and then pin the process icon that shows up.